Proven Track Record, Exceptional Technology Investment Experience 

KYI Capital team consists of top-tier professionals, their past working experience including CVCi (Citi investment fund), SK Telecom (China) Ventures, McKinsey & Company, Texas Instruments. As pioneering investment practitioners in China, the team members have world-class education background, extensive experience leading technology investments in China and globally, and management expertise in cross-cultural organizations.

KYI Capital emphasizes on bringing together people who embrace teamwork, discipline and active participation in investment and operational matters to create and maintain a well-balanced and effective team. We employ a collaboration-oriented approach where each of our team members participates in transactions from origination to exit, with particular alignment on investment decision making and portfolio management.

In addition to its China office, the Fund has globe reach in Seoul, Silicon Valley and Europe and plans to set up offices in those locations, which effectively extends KYI Capital’s global network for deals, portfolio development, insight and first-hand access to global development trends in the Fund’s focus sectors. The Fund will also benefit from highly experienced operation partners and advisors, who are important parts of the team to support deal sourcing, operations and value-creation to our portfolio companies. The advisors bring to the table top-notch vision and industry insights, valuable management experience and exceptional network in global high-tech industry. They have successfully completed numerous large-scale acquisitions, IPOs and lucrative financial investments worldwide.